Bedroom furniture

Łóżko w sypialni

We make bedroom furniture to order: beds (single and double), bedside tables, chests of drawers for clothes and other equipment. The bedrooms can also feature walk in closet furniture, e.g. full-wall wardrobes. We produce not only classic bedroom furniture, but also those for children's and teenagers' rooms. We offer a wide selection of arrangement styles, as well as colors, patterns and shapes. We will make wooden furniture of regular shapes for you, but also matching, among others, in the retro or vintage trend, imitating antiques.


Sleep comfort is not only a mattress

Our beds look great, and we make sure that they are durable. We assume that the investment in this type of furniture is to ensure good and tight sleep for many years. The comfort of sleep is influenced not only by the mattress itself, but the frame of the bed on which it is located is equally important. It is important that the piece of furniture is of optimal height and that it does not cause problems for users when getting up, and that sleepers are not woken up by the creaking of the bed when their partner turns to the other side. That is why we make every effort to offer our customers solid furniture tailored to their real needs.