5 reasons why furniture assembly should be entrusted to professionals.


In order to prevent irreversible errors that will negatively affect the operation of the furniture, you need to clearly understand that - by paying 1 time to a professional installer, you extend the life of the furniture.

  • Argument 1
    Professionals have the skills and experience that position them as experts. As a rule, the quality of its assembly affects the life of the furniture.
  • Argument 2
    Furniture accessories from different manufacturers differ in design features. It is especially difficult to adjust all the guides, as well as the hinges of the facades. Fasteners deserve special attention.
  • Argument 3
    Specjaliści wykonują montaż mebli za pomocą zestawu profesjonalnych narzędzi. Wielu myli się, myśląc, że wystarczy mieć kilka śrubokrętów i szczypiec. Tylko właściwa Regulacja zespołów łączących i mocujących może osiągnąć jakość.
  • Argument 4
    It is not recommended to make holes and cuts yourself. Often, modular furniture does not have holes for fasteners, so it is best to entrust the assembly to professionals, because a special tool, perfect precision and experience are needed. If you do it yourself, there is a great risk of irreparable damage. The installation of decorative elements and dimensional parts (pendants, mirrors, handles) requires meticulous execution.
  • Argument 5
    If you don't follow the build sequence - chances are you will have to completely disassemble the entire build. In some types of furniture, there are quite small details, for example, without putting some strip first, the module will not turn out to be comprehensive and something will not work. Hire a professional furniture fitter - it is better to spend money than to misassemble an expensive walk in closet or kitchen with a specific door closer - after a short time all the errors will emerge. Please remember: “A skimpy person pays twice"!


Tips for choosing a color for the kitchen

The kitchen is a space that combines beauty and practicality and often requires significant investments.

Choosing the color of kitchen cabinets includes many options. It is important to carefully study the alternatives and think about the one that will reflect the climate of your kitchen and your home as a whole.

Today we want to share with you a few tips that will help you choose the perfect color of kitchen furniture.

  • Don't just rely on trends

    Since color trends change on average every 4-6 years, and the kitchen is changed much less frequently, it is worth taking into account the individual style, personal preferences and layout features.
  • Don't limit yourself to white color

    If you want your kitchen to appear more open and airy, using white is not the only solution. Don't limit yourself to white color only. Use light shades of blue or gray. To create an impression of a more open space and not to sacrifice personality, use light colors for the upper cabinets and bolder colors for the lower cabinets.
  • Don't be afraid to mix and match materials

    "Two-color" furniture can mean not only a combination of colors, but also materials. For example, wooden cabinets in combination with color look fresh and fit both traditional and more modern interior.
  • Don't try to match an existing color

    When you need to replace an old or damaged cabinet, it is not worth choosing an existing color as it is never exact. It is better to do something completely different to diversify the interior.
  • Consider durability

    The color of the material may change over time for various reasons. When choosing a color, take into account the intensity of natural light and the level of humidity in the room, as well as the individual characteristics of the material to achieve a high-quality effect.

    By following these tips, you can be sure that your kitchen will evoke positive emotions for a long time!

And we will help you with this :)